Tuesday, 24 June 2008

粉紅色的卡套......卡哇宜喔 Pink Cardholder

星仔有一次在Etsy看到競標 因為好奇就進去看看在搞什東東 原來是有人想訂任何東西 然後將需求與費用公開 所有賣家都可以去競標 如果條件談攏 那就是得標了 這次剛好對方想要一個卡套 又是粉紅色的皮 價格又不能高 果真 一向物美價廉的我們 ...............得標啦 哈....
This was a deal from ETSY Alchemy, Beon spent much time looking through the Alchemy colomun to find out what people need for their custom made item on leather. He found a request by someone who requested on a colourful card holder. Beon believe he could handle this deal, so he decided to bit for it .... well ... we got this deal !!

彩色皮革一直是我們的路線 這買家應該就是看中我們這特色 剛好很合他的需求 所以才給我们這機會 兩面不一樣顏色 也夠酷的啦
Colourful leather mixing is what we love to do. This buyer requested the pink colour that we have, we did it pink with red combination .... cool !!!

聽星仔說客人已經在Etsy上對我們的作品留言............很滿意 這樣子有空就要多去競標場逛逛 說不定又有case可以標 增加曝光率
This buyer left a positive feedback for us and she love this pink card holder , we were happy too!! Beon need more time on checking the Alchemy for custom made items everyday. So if you have something in mind, please write to us for enquiry!

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