Wednesday, 25 June 2008

冠頭的貓咪家族 Candy The "Cat Family"

在台灣冠頭也有一隻可愛的貓叫毛球 以前每天晚上都會一起睡喔 剛開始想到要離開牠就十分的不捨 可是星仔的家人都不喜歡動物加上新加坡都是高樓大廈 真的很怕老是愛在窗口看小鳥的毛球上演跳樓記 所以只好把它留在台灣了 自從貓頭鷹取名叫Fiona 大象取名叫Laura後 冠頭也想把貓取名叫毛球 , 所以就叫"MoMo"吧 為了思念冠頭的貓咪...........毛球
I have a cat in Taiwan which it name called "MoMo" and we used to sleep together at night. When I came to Singapore last year, I really can't bear to leave my cat "MoMo". In Singapore, I am putting at HDB 20th story high and Beon family are not use to have pets. By the way, MoMo would love to stand on the window to view things and I was afraid MoMo might jump out of 20th floor high. To prevent my cat to get kill, I left MoMo in Taiwan. In our Leatherprince Animal Group, we'd given name to the keyring such as ... Owl = Fiona, Elephant = Laura, which means a lot to us and now I shall name the keyring cat = MoMo from today onward, cos I miss my cat .... Mo..Mo...

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