Tuesday, 24 June 2008

客人的牛牛拉鍊包...配上美美的扣質感更優喔 Custom Made Cow Purse

這是客人訂做的拉鍊包 聽說是看到我們雜誌上的照片 感覺很可愛 所以想要送給好朋友一個量身訂做的包包 嗯.... 果真是很會選 因為這個紅色的皮已經快缺貨了 手上只剩下小小的一塊 星仔都捨不得用 每次冠頭都笑他很無聊ㄋㄟ 用完就算了 何必捨不得 這次果真派上用場了
This was a custom made purse order by our customer and she found us on the "Simply Her" Magazine ( June 2008 issue ). She wanted us to make a red purse for her friend. This red leather is Beon favourite leather color. We have not much stock left and he can't bear to use it. This leather really give a good texture when you touch n feel it on this purse and we were happy with it.

因為包包比較大 所以字也長大了 不過冠頭還是堅持用細線縫 來回兩次 這樣出來的線條比較美 光是這個字 就花了我一個小時多耶 不是我偷懶啦 是這皮比較厚 每穿一次都費了我好大的功夫ㄚ 食指都破皮了 嗚~~~~
This purse was slightly bigger, so I had to stitch it twice to have the name " ANGIE " look outstand. It spent me an hour plus on this name to be stitched on ...... the stitch had caused my finger hurt again ...ouch . Anyway, it doesn't matter, so long it nice and customer happy, right !!

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