Thursday, 12 June 2008

送給一直很鼓勵我們的好朋友 Hand stitched " Laura's Handmade " in chinese word

Laura 與 Jon是我們在Etsy shop 網上認識的朋友 星仔每次都會說今天Laura又說了什麼? 一天裡有好幾封留言一點都不稀奇喔 當然啦!!每次都是稱讚鼓勵的話 雖然星仔的英文不是很好 但是體貼的她們總是用簡單的英語 與我們溝通 真的很高興認識她們 因為我們都是在網路上與大家分享自己手工的作品, 所以當Laura說想要冠頭送她幾個中文字時 冠頭就想到這幾個字 因為大象剛好是她們的Logo加上她的中文名子 應該很貼切吧 也希望她會喜歡這幾個字 雖然看不懂 哈........

Laura and Jon are friend of us, We met them on ETSY. Once there's convo from Laura, Beon would said: "HEY!! We got convo from US friend" and I'm sure who is he refering to. We are really happy to know them. Beon English is not so good, can only use Simple English to communicate. Hope they could understand what he typed. Here is our friend cfp's blog:, cfp and us are belonged to handmade people, we love to create!!! When Laura wants us to make her a special key-ring, we come out with this idea, "Elephant" cause is cfp logo and Laura can handmade too!! So we hand stitched Laura's in chinese word, we think it's really suit her!!! Hope she will like it!!! Thanks Laura and Jon for being our friends!!

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