Thursday, 12 June 2008

星仔與冠頭的結婚紀念日 Wedding Anniversary

Wonderful Cake
今天是星仔與冠頭的結婚一週年 星仔趁著去打球的時候 偷偷跑去買了一個小蛋糕 準備給冠頭一個驚喜 可是不小心破功 因為冠頭突然想喝可樂 打開冰箱看到一個蛋糕盒 還在想說家裡怎有一個蛋糕 難道是星媽要拿去請樂鄰朋友吃 偷偷跟星仔說 哪知冠頭一問完 星仔就笑個不停 後來原來是給冠頭的驚喜啦 ha ha ha...........雖然午夜12點吃是減肥大忌 不過這可口 又好看的蛋糕當然忍不住啦..........減肥 明天的事啦!!!

Today is a very meaningful day .. Right, it's our 1st Year Wedding Anniversary! Beon went to buy this strawberry cake and wanted to give me a surprised! When I opened the frigde to get a diet coke and saw a cake box, yet I was thinking it maybe Beon's mum bought for her friends. When I asked him about the cake matter, he kept laughting and give himself out the answer. So I knew this cake was mine...hahaha. Eating after midnight was not good for diet but I just can't stop myself!!!

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