Thursday, 26 June 2008

冠頭的青蛙惡夢應該可以解脫了吧 New/Old version of frog keychain

舊版 新版 Old Version VS New Version
上個星期日 閒閒在家的 冠頭新研發了新版的青蛙喔 雖然很多人喜歡之前腿張開開的青蛙 可是每次只要賣出去 冠頭要補貨時心就怕怕 實在是很難做 那四支纖細的腿 要塞的飽飽的棉花 真得不是粉簡單ㄋㄟ 為了早日逃離這惡夢 哈哈哈..........新版的青蛙誕生了 依舊保留可愛的模樣 只是換個姿勢站 一樣很優ㄛ
Last Sunday, we stayed at home the whole day, so I came up with a ideal of doing something ~~ the new version FROG keychain. The old version needs alot of time to fill up the cotton wool and it wasn't easy to do so. To make a great change in my new creation, I decided to make something that pop up. I began to think of our TradeMark as we love to do something different. Ha ha... the new frog was completed, look .... it was much cute than the eariler one, I love the hand at the front. If you notice, most of our keychain created with something pop out.

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