Saturday, 7 June 2008

第一次上鏡頭.....很彆扭ㄋㄟ My First Interview By OMY
星仔跟冠頭接受OMY的彩訪 (都沒事先通報 害人家都沒準備啦 嗚~~~~) 原本還在一旁納涼的冠頭 想要看星仔表演 哪知臭星仔竟拖著冠頭............有夠緊張的啦 只能在旁邊傻笑的份 不過星仔看起來也是很緊張說 講話都整個嚴肅起來了 搞什鬼 不是已經上過很多次電視了 ...haha
Beon and I was interview by OMY, we did not notice this at all. In fact, I don't want to appear on live camera but Beon drag me in. Really nervous, just stand beside him and let him do the talk. I would sense that he was nervous too!! Just wonder he ever went on TV program before .... but why he was still nervous...haha

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