Sunday, 1 June 2008

六排釦鑰匙包 Key Holder ( 6 keys slot )

之前有個朋友去日本旅遊送冠頭一個鑰匙包 也是真皮的喔 (當然那時不知道這就是原色皮)只知道顏色越來越有味道 就這樣冠頭的汽車鑰匙包用了四年多直到來到新加坡之前 才放在一邊 還是很喜歡所以也就跟著冠頭漂洋過海來到了新加坡 哈..........昨天不小心翻到 拿給星仔看 感覺樣式還不錯星仔也自己動手試著做一個 果真配上手縫的線條 整個更優了 .
I had a similar keyholder (picture above) whom my friend gave to me 4 years ago. I used it for my car key (in Taiwan) cause it had only 3 key slot. I brought it with me to Singapore because I still love it very much. Beon happened to see it yesterday when I took it out , yet he said he wanted to make a bigger one with 6 key slot for me. Yes .. and of course it's look great with our own hand stitches ! Don't wait........... place your order now !!

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