Sunday, 1 June 2008

宇宙無敵超級大........荔枝 Super BIG... Lychee

今天冠頭跟星仔去IMM shopping 本來要去逛giant的麵包 因為這邊的麵包有很多口味 還有一堆五穀麵包可以選 重點是料好又便宜喔 走著走著突然看到一堆人擠著 好像在搶購什麼似的 好奇的冠頭當然要偷描一下是什好康 我的媽ㄚ.......... 不得了了 是冠頭想念以久的荔枝 而且無敵大 第一次看到巨大的荔枝 有夠開心的 又忘了價錢這件事 唉又跟著湊熱鬧 拿了一袋 付了錢是有點貴啦!!!就偶爾一下ㄇㄟ 聽台灣的阿爸說 台灣的荔枝也出了喔 等我七月回台一定要吃個夠
Today, We went to IMM Shopping Mall for a break. We went to "Giant Store" to look for our Bread, and suddenly... we saw a big crowd gather at one of the table. To my curosity, I wanted to know what was happening or was there any good deal on ?? Wow ... Wow .. to my surprised , it's the Thailand BIG Lychee. This was my first time to see such BIG LYCHEE, so I grab some without thinking of the price. It was a bit expensive when we went to pay for the bill ~~~anyway it's worth the size! We will be going back to Taiwan in July, Dad said it will be Lychee Season in July and we can enjoy eating more!!! Wanna join us ... please let me know .... ha, ha !

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