Saturday, 31 May 2008

冠頭的動物家族 Leatherprince Animals Farm Group

自從有了自己的Etsy賣場之後 冠頭可是很認真的喔 星仔每晚為了顧這個賣場都那麼努力了 冠頭當然也要努力ㄚ 要竟量做到星仔每天晚上都有新作品可以貼 壓力真的很大ㄋㄟ 雖然有時候為了一個圖案光用線就試了好幾不同的顏色 直到滿意為止 手都不知被針刺了多少次 很難想像這是以前會花錢做指甲彩繪的手 都變樣了啦 嗚~~~~~ 但是每次看到可愛的成果 真的很喜歡有點捨不得賣 哈...........
Ever since we had our ETSY Online Shop, Candy and Beon worked "triple" hard to maintain our biz. Inorder to post up new products daily on this shop, we really had to stretch our Big Head to create NEW design for customer to view. We were very particular on our materials and matching color of our pictures. Many a times... we hurted our fingers but we didn't matter, so long as we were able to produce good quality and workmanship. We felt happy because many customers like our designs.

剛買的新顏色皮革 配上可愛的圖案 似乎 感覺更有活力了
The above leather was newly purchased and stitched with animals picture. ~ Welcome ~ to Leatherprince Farm Tour ...... If you don't happen to see your favourite animal, just email and place your order with us now. Cheerios !!

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