Sunday, 10 August 2008

客人訂作的櫻桃拉鍊包 Custom Made Order

冠頭特別為新加坡量身設計的拉鍊包........果真一直很捧場的顧客 發現了喔 雖然價格有小小的提高一點 但是那是當然的ㄚ........圖案與包包都變大了 成本變高了工也更多了 放心啦!!雖然是大一號手工依舊講究 原本客人想要用紅色的字 但是冠頭在繡到第二個字時 實在..........繡不下去了 因為總覺得不夠"亮" 這樣就不夠突出ㄚ 所以請星仔再跟客人溝通一下 這個客人真的很好商量 總放心讓我們去做決定 也謝謝她相信我們 當然還是再一次的希望她看到時會喜歡喔
Thanks to our regular customer Irene, to be the first to place an custom order of this Singapore Version Wristlet. This version contained a bigger size and so the price would be slightly higher but it worth due to the excellent craftmanship ...haha! In fact, the name was stitched in red but we thought it would not looks good. After the discussion with Irene, we decided to go with red and thank her for her understanding, we hope she will like this Cherry Wrislet.

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