Thursday, 7 August 2008

適合新加坡人的版本 A Singapore version Purse/Wristlet

冠頭剛開始做零錢包時 依照自己的習慣 想說女生都是放在包包裡ㄚ 所以就只是簡單的拉鍊包
後來發現雖然很多人喜歡這樣的包包 但是都會說太小了 或者是可以加一條帶子更好 都用訂做的
(可能新加坡的治安真的比較好吧) 大家上街吃飯 就提著在手上晃出去了
所以ㄋㄟ 貼心的冠頭又新設計了一個比原本的size大一點點 多了一條提帶 這樣中午跟同事去吃飯 除了可以裝著心愛的手機 加上錢包與鑰匙 嘿...........一包就搞定喔
When we first created this purse it size was 13 X 9 cm which was ideal for notes and coins cos it's handy and looks nice. We came up with a bigger size after some customers feedback as they reflected that they would like to put in cellpone and wallet as well. This round the size was 18 X 11 cm and it should fits in all requirements plus an additional strips too ... the new size looks really good too!!

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