Friday, 23 May 2008

冠頭的新包包....吊飾當然是自己來 My New Bag

冠頭昨天要去師父的店 不小心看到推車上 寫著50% off 一眼喵去 看到一個大背包 果真 質感與樣式都是很合我意的款 當場愛不釋手 也沒管價格 就說要買了(星仔後來有跟我說 這是一間名牌店) 本來店員說是198.00想想還好阿 就打算去付錢了 星仔正在檢查有沒有瑕疵 不小心看到價格牌 怎麼明明沒特價就是198.00 怎會打完50% off還是198.00 就問了店員 -----果真 店員搞錯了 是99.00這下更開心了. Candy's brought this bag for herself yesterday. It's discounted up to 50% off the original price. Can't bear it, so I told Beon I must buy. I didn't noticed it was a branded shop till Beon notified me. Anyway, I thought it was $198 after discounted.... but later Beon realised that the salesgirl made a mistake on the price tag. I was too happy because .... guess why ??? After discount I need to pay only $99 (save a buck) ...... Cheerios

之前為了毛毛背包 做的小豬吊飾 跟新包包也是很搭喔 同一色系的
I add my little pig leather accessories to my new bag.
Not forgetting my "Hot Item" Owl key ring.
Thanks to my little Owl which make my ETSY online shop growing and growing .... And also ~ MANY MANY THANKS TO MY SUPPORTER !! ~
當然要別上一個現在最"熱"的貓頭鷹.......也很感謝牠 因為牠讓冠頭的Etsy shop 有了慢慢成長的業績

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