Tuesday, 1 April 2008

整個可以拆到完的包包....還沒完工 Big Bag

這是星仔根據客人的需求量身訂做的包包, 也是星仔的第一個大包包喔! 很奇怪為何要設計這麼多個鈕釦吧? 這可不是很普通的一個包包, 只要整個拆到完 , 就可以攤開裡面 。Beon did this big bag according to a client's requested. It was designed with many button and once unbutton, the bag can be folded.
客人想要整個可以攤開 展示放在裡面的商品(內部的架構還沒完成) , 當不用時收納體積也可以很小 。 Look... the bag is unbutton and laid flat.
是不是很酷呢 有點像日本風耶 。After folded, it could be carry as shown. It look like those kind of Japanese style bag.
除了側背 也可以後背喔 一包多功能, 不過最後星仔決定占為己有...呵呵 Many ways of carrying .... carry on your back as haverset, either hand-carried or cross sling bag. Welcome Enquiry!

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