Sunday, 16 March 2008

香煙盒也可以很卡哇依喔 Cig Case

客人訂做的卡哇依香煙盒 難道真的看不出來是皇冠嗎? 聽星仔說對方好像有點失望 第一次聽到人家看到貨品時不喜歡的消息 心情有點低落 其實為了這個皇冠冠頭找了一下午的圖檔 用畫的是很容易 要把一個個的珠子縫在皮上並不容易 但我也是想要把對方想要的做出來 本來心中的皇冠最簡單的表達就是頭上三個圓圓的那種 但是對方說要女生一點的 所以就去找了很多的圖來當參考 或許兩個人的想法有差異吧 當然也是我的技術不夠 嗚~~~~~ 我會再多加油的
This was my client's ordered for her friend's birthday gifts therefore it need to be more girlish and princessy. We tried our very very best to look up for picture on Tiara or Crown that need to stitch on the corner of the case. As you know those little small beads had put me a hard time on stitching. Unfortunately , my client was not so satisfied on the products. Hopefully, her friend will like this birthday gifts as she specially ordered for her. We really really did alot of Tiara or Crown picture research before we stitched on. Hope the birthday's girl will appreciate it. Anyway, Thank for your support.

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