Friday, 17 October 2008

星仔也越來越會構圖了喔 Beon's Creations

這兩個作品都是星仔自己完成的喔 以前大部份都是冠頭將圖槁完成之後 做出樣品 星仔才接著做 不過現在他看冠頭的工作太多了 每次缺貨就忙的不得了 偏偏現在訂作的客人越來越多 有時真的應付不來 又不想讓客人等太久 又很怕搞不定 星仔就想幫冠頭一點忙 證明他也是可以的 果真孺子可教是也 The above creations were done by Beon. Most of the time it'll make by Candy -- recently she was busy over the incoming orders from etsy and to lessen her load we shared the job. As now on there will be more New Creations & Interesting Picture ~~ check it out !! ~~

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