Thursday, 11 September 2008

質感整個提昇的三層卡套 Card Holders

客人要的黑色羊皮卡套 原本我們已經有一張羊皮可以用了 不過星仔覺得不夠"硬"啦 所以特別又去買一張更適合的 果真........ 做出來的質感真美 We selected a new piece of leather to make this card holders. It came out to be excellent good and satisfaction. 雖然這三層的卡套之前星仔已經做過了 他總覺得不夠完美 (因為上次的尺吋是客人希望的大小 ) 卡間的距離有點不完美 這次的客人很放心的交由我們發揮 所以大小是星仔花了一個晚上 想了很久 不斷的做模型試試試.......... 終於完成的 加上完美的縫線果真粉優 ! 本來冠頭看星仔那麼辛苦還想幫他一點忙 他竟然說他要一個人完成 這樣他可以更熟悉整個感覺 將來他可以應用的更廣 好像也有道理喔 (不過還是發生了小差曲 冠頭在幫客人繡名子時少一個英文字啦 簡直要瘋了 只好又再裁一塊皮了 心痛喔........) We had earlier made one smiliar 3 layers of card holders and measurement was given by client. We had a new order from other client who let us make our own decision this round. Beon did the full process and he was very satisfied. Unfortunately, a small error occured as we missed out one "lettering".... It's alright, what we could do was to make a new one ... right! (ouch... heartbreak)

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