Friday, 2 May 2008

冠頭的貓頭鷹家族 Owl's Family

Hello everyone...It's me, the Black/Brown Owl !
之前就有念頭要做可愛的貓頭鷹 可是一時忙著忙著就忘了 這次剛好有一位客人想要訂做 看在錢的份上 不積極一點怎行 在經過一個小時的構圖 剪裁 縫線 噹噹噹噹.......第一隻貓頭鷹baby誕生了 . I had an ideal of making owl keychain long time ago, just happened that I was too busy! This time no excuse, ha ha.. because my online customer requested one pc. After 1 hours cut, fix and stitch ... my 1st baby Owl arrived. Look & Hello ~~ Am I Cute !! ~

My Owl Friend
雖然覺得還不錯看 但是好像瘦了一點 又經過一個小時 吃胖一點的貓頭鷹是不是更可愛呢? Although it look good.... but I still find something missing! Yes .. I got it, I should feed my Owl a little fatty. LOOK, it's my 2nd pc ~ Black/Green Owl ~

Hot item sale at my Online Etsy Shop
貓頭鷹可是我們現在的紅牌耶 看過的沒有說不優的啦 (那是一定要的啦 因為每一隻都是經過冠頭一針一線 嚴格要求中完成的)既然是紅牌 網路點閱率這高 當然要多做幾款 讓客人多點選擇
There were more of our Owl's Family were created and SOLD very quickly. The above 3 pcs were sold, because it's our very Hot Item at "The Etsy Online Shop". Not to worry, if you need this cute owl, just drop us an email anytime and we can custom made. Welcome Enquiry or visit my Etsy Online for more pictures. Cheer!

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