Monday, 26 November 2007

手工零錢包 handmade coin pouch(客人訂作版 client order)

為了要做這兩個專屬的圖案 冠頭的頭簡直要炸了 因為要很多字要擠在小小的空間裡 果真......

皇天不負古心人 終於讓我想到了 雖然為了縫上小珠珠冠頭的手都紅了 但完成任務的感覺真的挺爽的
This was my client special request and picture was selected by him. It was a headache as all tiny wordings needed to squeeze into this coin pouch.

Lastly, I completed it with satisfaction cos my client love it.

材質 /material: 純進口牛皮 cow leather
皮革顏色 / Leather color : 照片顏色 as seen on picture
尺寸 / size : 8 x 7 cm (Fully hand-stitch / 一針一線都是人力縫製)
價格 / price: S$28.00 each (custom made - Sold)

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