Friday, 17 August 2007

感謝大家友情贊助 Thank You For The Friendship

昨天下雨天 星仔爸沒上班 冠頭只好留下來陪星仔上班 , 閒的荒時 突然看到Soh送我的毛毛 靈機一動 要把我的葵花寶典變身了

想到除了獅子也變不出花樣來了 , 雖然有點浪費那個毛毛, 希望Soh看到時不要昏了 , 不過我覺得還挺可愛的

It was Candy's notebook. She did this out on one of her bored day. Suddenly a tinkle in mind she recalled Soh given her the "FURY". After a mix & match ...... this was her result! ! Look ~ pretty good , right !~

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