Wednesday, 8 August 2007

手編到抽筋 ----想打人 Ouch wanted to punch You!

今天本想不要動腦 做一點簡單的事
就想到編手鍊 哪兒知道這真的不是普通的簡單
阿soh 就教我五條編 怪怪剛學的時後都還很ok
到第三之後 不得了了 我的腦也真著打結了
就再也解不開 , 去了一整個下午 嗚~~~~才完成五條啦

Thought of doing a something simple today. Start off with the wraist band to make 5 strips. It's looked simple but complicated. Oouch... my mind went mixup, on this big afternoon just completed one wraist band....... Oh my God!

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