Tuesday, 24 July 2007

心靈受創的冠頭.... 星仔只會在一旁嘲笑我 Oh it hurt my feeling .. yet Beon laughing at me

今天去Soh那開始我的第一個包包 不知道是因為大師在身旁 還是第一次用不一樣的皮革 做起來很生疏的Feel 所以我把它搞砸了 連洞都可以敲的歪七扭八 終於知道星仔平常要在那刻苦的環境還可以敲這好 有多厲害了 嗚~ ~ ~ ~ 明天繼續去Soh那報到 雖然都毀了 還是要完成

Today my first lesson of makeing a purse. Due to many reasons for 1st timer, I can't completed it smoothly. Becos "Si Fu" was standing beside me , you know that kind of excited when someone starting at You and trying to use new type of leather .... spoilt my mood. No choice, have to complete by tomorrow.

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